Standing Meeting Registration

X12's Summer 2021 Standing Meeting will be conducted virtually. All attendees must register by May 28, 2021, using the form below. Registration is complimentary for X12 member representatives, non-members will be assessed a meeting fee. Please ensure you participate in the virtual sessions using a computer or large table to ensure you can actively participate as you should expect that much of the discussion content will be presented during the online session.

You'll need to review the Meeting Schedule and decide which sessions you will attend as after you complete the registration process, you'll be presented with a list of GoToWebinar sessions to sign-up for. Most of the sessions at an X12 Standing Meeting are working sessions, not presentations. X12 groups have a lot to do during Standing Meetings and it isn't possible to avoid scheduling overlap between groups so you will not be able to attend all the sessions of every group.

Member Representatives – Register for the Summer 2021 Meeting

If you're an X12 member representative, registering for the upcoming meeting will only take a few minutes. Begin by completing the form below to confirm that you're on a roster for a member organization.

Once your status is confirmed, submit the form on the next page, then you'll be presented with a confirmation page listing the groups and sessions, and you'll receive an email with the same information.

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Not an X12 Member Representative But Still Want to Attend the Summer 2021 Meeting?

Please select the below link, complete and submit the non-member registration form. X12 support staff will contact you to work through the necessary details.